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The Best Travel Finds At The Online Drugstore (Part Two)

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In part one, we revealed a couple of our favorite must-have travel essentials found at The Online Drugstore! Today we’ll cover a few more products to make your travel as carefree as possible!

The Online Drugstore stocks the best travel basics to make any trip a success. Shop for child care products to beauty supplies online.Bag/backpack - A backpack is a no-brainer, you need it to carry your things! It’s great for day-trips and can double as a plane carry-on. Choose one that has security features like RFID lining and has plenty of storage space.

  • Comfortable shoes - There is a high possibility that you’ll be doing a lot of walking — even around the airport, so don’t be stuck in uncomfortable shoes. There are myriad of places you can find good walking shoes, so find a pair you like and wear them out!
  • Cosmetic case - Keeping all your cosmetics and toiletries organized and in one place during a trip is an accomplishment that should be commended! It’s always to have a cosmetic case to keep everything together if you want to freshen up before the plane lands, or after a long 14-hour car ride! Keep it together with the Basics Zipper Cosmetic Case.
  • Travel-sized toiletries - When you find your favorite products in miniature sizes it like Christmas! You can find deodorant, face care, hand wipes, soap, and hair care like this set, by Giovanni.
  • Music - The right tunes and playlists are imperative to a good trip — it sets the tone and will always lift your spirits! You can even find local music to where you’re traveling to enhance your experience even more.
  • Bottle opener - If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll need to store this in your checked luggage, but on a road trip it’s perfect for opening a bottle of bubbly car camping or taking in a beautiful sunset in Topanga Canyon. Get uncorked with a Sunbeam Can Opener/ Bottle Opener Utensil.
  • Disinfecting wipes - These wipes are handy for just about any situation that involves germs — your airline seat, a roadside bathroom with no running water (they exist), or a sticky substance you can’t seem to get off your dashboard (is it coffee, honey, chocolate?)!
  • Bleach stick - You never know when you’ll have a white shirt on and experience turbulence while sipping an in-air flight, or hit a pothole (that no one warned you about) and spill beet kombucha. This is where a bleach pen comes in so handy — it quickly and effectively cleans up you mess!
  • A mini pharm (farm) acy - When you’re on the road or in the air, your body is exposed to a whole new host of bugs — and not all of them are good! Pack an arsenal of supplements to keep you healthy including probiotics, immune support, digestive aids, and sleep aids.
  • First aid - It never hurts to travel with a first-aid kit because you never know when a painful blister will surface after a day of exploring the city or when you’ll get a bee sting. Stay prepared and pack a first-aid kit.
  • Hair ties - No matter how much you think they multiply when you’re sleeping, when you actually need one, you can never find it! Buy a new package and stash them everywhere — from your purse and carry on, to around your water bottle and shifter in your car!

Wow! That list seems long, but when you go to pack for your next adventure, you’ll be prepared and ready for anything! Don’t skip, or forget, the essentials and go ahead and print the last two posts so you can check everything off!

The Online Drugstore is open 24/7 without the hassle of long lines and unhelpful staff! Shop today!