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Health Trackers and Medical Equipment Online

Health monitoring devices are designed to help you get an accurate reading of your body’s health levels right from the comfort of your own home. Essential for diabetics, blood glucose monitors quickly test the concentration of glucose in your blood to help ensure that your insulin levels are properly dosed. Modern blood pressure monitors (sometimes called sphygmomanometers) help you safely track your blood pressure with innovative and easy-to-read screens, all without making an appointment at the doctor’s office. These essential health trackers can, when used properly, indicate when it’s time to see the doctor. We also carry top-notch pocket pedometers that conveniently record every step you take throughout the day.

The Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an all-in-one self-testing health tool for diabetics. Complete with a USB connector that conveniently plugs into your computer to log each and every reading, this system comes with everything you need for deluxe diabetes management. The Nature Spirit Finger Oximeter is another great tool to track what’s going on in your blood. Designed to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) value and pulse rate easily and portably, this finger oximeter is great for monitoring heart and lung function at home.

For uncomplicated blood pressure monitoring, explore our selection of LifeSource, MicroLife and Omron blood pressure monitors. With simple, portable designs and comprehensive readings that appear on screens, today’s blood pressure monitors give you all the information you need to measure, evaluate and track your blood pressure. Check out the amazing Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor featuring a ComfortFit Cuff for users of any size, or the LifeSource Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor with a specialized heartbeat feature that helps detect signs of an irregular heartbeat, to see examples of today’s modern blood pressure monitoring innovations.