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Hot Nail Polish Trends for 2017

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Stocking up on your beauty supplies online? Make sure you grab all the nail gear you need, too! We make it easy to buy nail polish online along with the stuff you need to make your at-home manicure absolutely flawless. We have tons of nail polish colors to choose from, but do you know which ones you'll need for 2017? We do! Check out some of the hottest trendy nail colors for the upcoming year. 

What Was Hot in 2016? 

If you love nail polish, chances are you have a drawer full of the hot colors from 2016. That included a lot of neons, keeping on-trend with a lot of fashion we saw on the runway in the last few years. Of course, there are some basic shades that are always on trend, but what are you supposed to do with all the hot colors from last year? Keep wearing them with pride! Nail colors don't go out of style overnight, so you'll find plenty of opportunities to wear that fantastic neon yellow shade again. In the meantime, thought, you'll want to stock up on all the hottest shades of 2017, and we're here to help you find them. 

What's Hot in Nail Polish Colors

Go gray. 

Gray is the color that's been hot, hot, hot in the last couple years and it's not going anywhere in 2017, either. From light grays to dark grays, you'll see every shade on nails this year. We particularly like this Wet 'n' Wild Shine Nail Color in I Can't Stand Up.

Nice nudes. 

You might think that painting your nails a skin tone is a waste of time, but it actually looks amazing. Nude colors make your nails look super healthy and clean, and are a great base for some stunning nail art when you want to take it up a notch. Plus, nude nails look good with everything. Try Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry Nail Polish in Petal Pusher.

Fine wine. 

Mmm, wine! It tastes great and it looks even better on your nails. In a departure from some of the more muted tones of the season, wine-colored nail polishes offer a little bit of drama. Look for deep reds with a hint of purple. We're huge fans of CoverGirl Outlast Nail Polish in Forever Festive.

Totally taupe. 

Taupe isn't just hot in nail colors; it's been named the hottest paint color for homes in 2017, too. So now you can match your nails to your on-trend wall color when you paint them the perfect shade of taupe. Taupe is a combination of gray and brown and it looks incredibly sophisticated as a nail color. Try Wet'n'Wild Megalast Nail Polish in Wet Cement for your first foray into the world of taupe.

Subtle sparkle.

There is nothing wrong with a little bling, especially when it's at the end of your fingers! We love nail polish with a little subtle sparkle, and that's good news because it's going to be everywhere in 2017. No more giant gems, just a hint of glitter or a nice metallic shade. Make your nails shine with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish in Celeb City

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