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Must-Have Buys For Your Upcoming Vacation

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When you plan a vacation, there are numerous details to hammer out. From booking your plane tickets to reserving cars to putting in vacation requests at work, you don’t want to miss a single important detail. As you get closer to the date of your trip and you start to feel like things are pulled together, you can turn your attention to your packing list.

Packing for a vacation, no matter how far you are traveling or how long you will be gone for, is a vital aspect to enjoying your trip. Without the right items tucked away, you can find yourself wasting valuable vacation time searching for something you could have easily packed. This is particularly true if your travels will take you internationally to a place where you don’t speak the language fluently. Something as simple as finding a shop that sells Advil might become a complicated endeavor. Check out the following must-have buys for your upcoming vacation and be prepared for whatever the trip brings you.

A Selection Of Basic OTC Medications

Over the counter (OTC) medications are something we often taken for granted. On any given day, if your head hurts or your stomach is queasy, you probably have a medicine cabinet full of items to soothe the pain. From a simple bottle of ibuprofen to a supply of allergy reversing Benadryl, we have compiled a list of a few of the OTC medications you should have on hand for any trip.

Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief 

If you have ever suffered from motion sickness then you know how easily it can ruin a perfectly good day. From long car rides to short flights to a week spent on a cruise ship, if you plan to be in motion, bring along a stash of Dramamine.


One of the most popular brands on the market for ibuprofen, Advil is a must for any trip. Whether you are simply driving across the country to visit a loved one or you are heading to a foreign country, having Advil handy for aches and pains is a must.

Benadryl Allergy Ultratab Tablets 

Benadryl is one of those basic medications that we often forget about until it is needed. Known for providing relief when allergy symptoms strike, Benadryl is a safe and effective medication that is extremely helpful to have on hand. This is particularly true if you plan to travel to a new location where your body might have an adverse reaction to the environment. For example, if you live in the Midwest and you plan a trip to the Caribbean, don’t be surprised if you suffer from a few allergies as your body adjusts to the entirely new climate and plant life. Throw a bottle of Benadryl in your bag and save yourself the hassle of hunting it down mid-trip.

ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep Aid 

A trip can quickly become a harrowing experience if you aren’t getting enough sleep. Often when we leave the comfort of our own home and bed, we struggle to get enough rest. If you are changing time zones, this can be amplified. Pack a simple OTC sleep aid and ensure you get your z’s.

These are just a handful of valuable OTC medications to bring along on your trip. Browse our entire array of options through our drugstore online and put together a complete kit of common medications you and your family might need.

A First Aid Kit

Even if you plan to spend your vacation relaxing poolside on a cruise ship, accidents can happen. Packing a simple first aid kit can ensure that you have everything you need for minor mishaps. Johnson & Johnson’s basic first aid kit is perfect for travel and contains the essentials.

Not only should you pack along a small first aid kit, but invest in a topical wound sealer. This can be extremely handy if you plan to spend any time hiking or exploring remote locations. This powder will quickly stop bleeding, allowing you to seek further first aid as needed.

Protection For Your Skin

From itchy mosquito bites to sunburn, vacation can bring with it a host of damage to your skin. Make sure you pack some of the essentials to help prevent the worst. Nothing is more disappointing than spending half of your beach side vacation indoors due to a wicked sunburn.

A strong sunblock that is geared towards healthy skin, such as Neutrogena Sunblock Ultra Sheer will keep you from damaging your skin while you spend time soaking up the sun. Don’t forget to also pack a bottle of 100 percent aloe gel. This will be handy for soothing any sunburns that do arise, as well as soothing any rashes or hives.

If you plan to spend any time in the backwoods or a tropical location, invest in a tick and insect repellent, such as Ben’s 100% Deet Pump. This can help protect you not only from the discomfort of itchy bites, but also from the dangerous diseases many biting bugs carry.

Shop Our Drugstore Online

Before you head out to sea, hop on a plane, or drive to grandma’s, make sure you stock up on all the essential through our drugstore online. We carry an array of helpful medications, skin care products, and other essentials for any trip. Be prepared so that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about finding a local pharmacy.

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