More About Cutters

ezy-dose.jpgHave trouble cutting the chewable vitamins in half? Do you have difficulty swallowing pills? The Online Drugstore has the ideal solution to both common problems: using a pill cutter or crusher. We have a great selection of the nifty product that really does make life easier.

The dosage for younger children taking chewable vitamins is half the tablet. However, if you have ever tried to cut a tablet with a knife, you know it’s easier said than done. By using a pill or tablet splitter, like the ones sold at the Online Drugstore, the problem is solved.

A pill cutter comes equipped with an extremely sharp knife that breaks the tablet in two inside the device. It’s a safe and simple alternative to doing it yourself. Care should be taken when cleaning - the blade inside is quite sharp.

Using a pill crusher is the perfect problem solver for people who are unable to comfortably swallow a pill. The medicine crusher grinds it up into a fine powder that can be mixed into food or a beverage. Imagine never having to struggle over medicine and vitamin tablets again!