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Ear Wax Removal

Wax buildup often goes unnoticed for days, months and even years. Wax buildup can eventually lead to difficulty hearing, uncomfortable pressure and infection. When we clean our ears with everyday cotton swabs, we may push excess wax further into our ear canal. Choose from popular brands and affordable generics to drain your ears of built-up waxy residue. Debrox earwax removal aid kits are designed to soften, loosen and cleanse the ear. Add a matching ear syringe for more effective and sanitary cleansing.

Sunmark ear drops are an affordable generic option. Sunmark drops are fast-acting for immediate relief. Syringes come included with each Sunmark package. If you prefer all-natural solutions, Physician’s Choice is a great selection. Physician'€™s Choice offers the only all-natural wax cleansing system on the market. For maximum comfort during use, try Acu-Life'€™s ear irrigator. Its patented tip is designed to gently yet thoroughly remove wax from within your ear's hard-to-reach crevices.