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Sore Feet Relief

If you prefer non-oral pain relievers, choose our topical treatments, wraps, and inserts. We offer a range of sore feet relief products from roll-on gels to pain relief lotions that penetrate beneath the skin's surface. Try Icy Hot maximum strength gel for pain relief. This roll-on pain ointment applicator prevents any sticky mess. Apply quick-drying Icy Hot to reduce pain caused by arthritis, cramps, bruises, and muscle pains. Ace instant cold compress is a welcome alternative to traditional bags of frozen peas and leaking ice packs. Prevent swelling and pain with this single ready-to-use pack.

TriDerma is an all-natural cream that works below the skin to relax muscles and reduce discomfort. Apply after too much sun, itchy insect bites, and minor aches and pains. This cream contains a hint of menthol to offer a cooling touch and added comfort. All of our pain relievers are grease-free to maximize comfort. Try our Perform spray for on-the-go pain reduction. Perform works to soothe tendinitis, strains, and other non-serious muscle soreness.