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Cat Supplies

Taking care of our furry friends is one of the best joys for most pet owners. Cats are often more than just a pet — they are members of the family. And like any family member, they deserve to have the things they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Along with buying new toys and scratch posts to keep your cat entertained, you need the essential cat and kitten products. Don’t forget about the food, bowls, food lids, a litter box, and kitty litter.

We all know how much cats can shed their hair. Help your furry pal out (and clean up fewer hairballs) when you brush their coat regularly. The Online Drugstore has a great cat slicker brush that collects the hair as it brushes through the coat, so you don’t have to pick up as much when all is said and done. Not only does this help keep your kitty’s coat looking fine, but it keeps your home cleaner as they won’t shed wherever they walk…at least as much as they would if you didn’t brush their coat.

One of our best selling cat products is the 3-n-1 pet food can cover. Many cats are on a soft food diet, or a diet that mixes hard and soft food. When you only use part of a can of soft food, it can really stink up the fridge or go stale without proper storage. The can cover snaps directly onto all sizes of pet food cans. At The Online Drugstore, this lid is less than $1, so you can stock up with a few and always have some on hand.

Finally, shoppers who spend $49 or more throughout The Online Drugstore will receive free shipping on all items. This shouldn’t be hard to do for pet owners who love to spoil their kittens. Shop now to find the products you need and have them delivered right to your door.