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Herbal Vitamins

Looking for a natural way to treat depression? Try St. John’s wort. If you want a proven, non-medical weight loss aid, check out acai supplements. How about treating the common cold without medicine? Echinacea, green tea and horse chestnut may be just what you need. Cranberry supplements can help treat urinary tract infections, while red yeast can help naturally lower cholesterol. All of these age-old remedies come straight from the earth to help you treat a wide range of health concerns, all without the harmful side effects and high price tag of traditional medications.

Top supplement brands like 21st Century, Mason, Natrol, Nature’s Bounty and Sundown provide a wide range of all-natural remedies. Popular products like green tea supplements and echinacea have become health staples worldwide thanks to their benefit-rich formulas that can help treat a wide range of illnesses. Echinacea is regularly used to fight infections like the common cold and flu gently, while green tea is a fantastic way to boost energy naturally. Combined, these two natural herbs create a superpower cold remedy that’s ideal for those who prefer to avoid taking medication.

Less popular but just as effective, bilberry supplements are designed to sooth the mouth and throat and improve vision. Similarly, cascara has long been used as an over-the-counter treatment for constipation. Ginger root, evening primrose oil, ginseng and milk thistle are additional herbal remedies that can help target a vast assortment of common health concerns. Be sure to check each product to find dosage information and ingredients to ensure that supplement is right for you. Keep your herbal medicine cabinet well-stocked when you take advantage of The Online Drugstore’s free shipping offer on orders over $49.