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Mineral Supplements

A daily dose of mineral supplements is a great way to naturally prevent health concerns ranging from heart disease, diabetes and cancer to high blood pressure, infertility and stroke. Mineral supplements like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, alpha lipoic and chromium picolinate tablets help correct deficiencies within the body, thereby helping it to function at its best. We carry mineral supplements by all of the top vitamin and mineral brands, including Nature’s Bounty, 21st Century, Centrum, Mason, Sunmark and more.

Potassium and magnesium supplements are two of the most common types of mineral tablets. Potassium supplements can be used to correct potassium deficiencies that can lead to health concerns like high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis and digestive disorders. People with physically demanding jobs or athletes are some of the most common users of potassium tablets since they can also help correct muscle weakness and pain. Magnesium supplements help keep your body’s magnesium level at the level it needs to fight off osteoporosis, heart disease and certain cancers.

Iron supplements are a great choice for vegetarians, vegans and people with iron deficiencies. Commonly used to help prevent and treat anemia, iron tablets will help you deal with anemia-related symptoms like fatigue. Similarly, zinc supplements are great for helping to keep your immune system strong while simultaneously healing wounds and helping to support normal growth.

Selenium is another powerful mineral that can be taken to ward off serious health concerns, including cancer. Rich in antioxidants, selenium supplements are commonly recommended for people with health conditions associated with low selenium levels. Browse our selection of chromium picolinate and alpha lipoic supplements to find out how each of these mineral supplements can help improve your overall well-being.