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The Best Travel Finds At The Online Drugstore (Part One)

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Summer is the season for warmer weather and travel — the two go together perfectly. If you’re planning on jet-setting or driving across the country, there are some essential travel items you cannot leave behind.

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The Best Travel Finds

Are you a person who loves to pack? Do you get excited when you find cute, mini products that are perfect for travel? Packing for a trip not only prepares you for what you might need at any given moment, for some, it’s one of their favorite pastimes! Below are items that are essential for your summer travel and some of the best finds on The Online Drugstore.

  • Ear plugs - Ear plugs are a non negotiable! Don’t be caught mid-air with a relentlessly crying baby or your car mates that just won’t be quiet when you’re trying to sleep! Ear plugs are your best friends, and arguably, the travel essential that keeps you sane. Try Sunmark ear plugs or Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone ear plugs (if you have smaller ears).
  • Sleep mask - Next to ear plugs, a sleep mask is a much needed product. A sleep mask can effectively drown out light and help get you to a dark, peaceful slumber. Try a Flents Siesta Mask for the perfect mid-day siesta!
  • Books - You can’t just have a book, you need the book. A book can help you escape and brew ideas to spark creativity and innovation — books make you feel things! Perhaps it’s the summer’s best-selling thriller or one that tickles your neurons, either way, ditch the electronic devices and go for the real thing!
  • Journal - When you travel, you can’t skip packing a journal. A journal provides a timepiece back to the adventure you went, so keeping notes about what you did and where you ate is so fun to look back on. If you want to go more in-depth with it, you can talk about the experiences you’ve had or where you’re at, at that moment. Put a slab of your heart in the Astrobrights Color Pop Journal.
  • Water bottle - Some people feel glued to their water bottle and cannot be separated from it! If this is the case, you may want to pack two! A water bottle is crucial for travel because you always want to be hydrated! Sip with the Thinksport 12 oz Insulated Sports Bottle.
  • Camera - There is nothing more nostalgic or romantic than a good ol’ fashioned camera — plus they take better pictures! A good camera can be a bit of an investment initially, but the images you’re able to capture will have you questioning why you were using your camera in the first place!

These items were just a sneak peak of what’s to come! For the complete travel essentials, stay tuned for part two!

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