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It Only Comes Out At Night! All About Melatonin (Part Two)

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In part one, we began the conversation on what melatonin is and the factors that influence its production. Melatonin is a multifaceted supplement, so we’ll delve into its benefits apart from just sleep support, and look at a few foods that can help increase it production. Plainly, melatonin is one of the best, yet underutilized supplements — find out how amazing it is!

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Why should we use melatonin?

There are many benefits to supplementing with melatonin that go beyond its traditional uses for sleep support.

Sleep - Studies have found that melatonin is a great alternative to sleep pharmaceuticals because it’s it comes without a long list of side-effects and can be used more long-term. It’s helpful for resetting your sleep/wake cycle or those with unsettled rhythms, such as those with jet lag or those who work the night shift.

Adverse menopause symptoms - Because melatonin is intricately involved in female hormone pathways, it’s great for supporting sleep during menopause, as insomnia is one of the most notable symptoms of menopause. Research has also found that it helps with mood and depression bouts experienced in menopause, in addition to healthy pituitary and thyroid functioning.

Immune support - Research has found that melatonin is immune protective and can act as a buffer because, with increased inflammation, it acts as a anti-inflammatory compound when there is an acute immune response. In cold and flu season, for both better sleep and immune support, try melatonin.

Jet lag - Jet lag occurs when your body tries to transition to the differing time zones when traveling, and is slowly trying to adjust to the new time. This puts your circadian rhythm off, thus causing sleeplessness and wakefulness at inopportune times. There is a large amount of research that supports melatonin use for jet lag, as it can help reset your sleep cycle, and may even prevent it!

Ringing ears - If you suffer from tinnitus (ringing ears), melatonin may help. Because of its antioxidant properties it has been shown to decrease the symptoms.

Bladder conditions - Many have an overactive bladder, and melatonin can actually relieve symptoms by decreasing the amount of malondialdehyde, which is a sign of oxidative damage.

Stress - Melatonin is a natural stress reliever. Stress is insidious for many reasons, but it depletes our melatonin production, so supplementing with it can help balance the levels. Despite the notion that it can only be taken at night, it can be taken in the daytime for anxiety support — it combats fatigue, restlessness, and drowsiness and assists healthy brain functions.

Melatonin-Friendly Foods

If you feel like just dipping your toes into the world of melatonin, try these beneficial foods.

  • Tart cherries
  • Pomegranate
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Walnuts
  • Barley

How To Supplement With Melatonin

While there are no current guidelines on how much melatonin should be used, it’s always wise to listen to your body and run it by your doctor. If you know you’re sensitive to products, consider taking a very small amount or even cutting the pill is half.

Again, everyone is different so start low, and go slow!

Melatonin can benefit so many things such as menopause concerns, jet lag, ringing ears, and stress. For foods that aid in melatonin production, try tart cherries or oats, or for more support try a supplement.

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