​How To Survive The Holidays When You’re Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten Free!

​How To Survive The Holidays When You’re Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten Free!

How To Survive The Holidays When You’re Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten Free!

Festive foods are, no doubt, a large part of the holiday season. If you are committing to making healthier food changes but still want to have a social life, get the holiday survival tips here!

Surviving the holidays is a feat in itself and when you add in another variable such as healthy eating into the mix, it creates many scenarios where you have to get a little creative if you plan on attending holiday parties and soirees! Eating sugar-, dairy-, and gluten-free this season is completely doable without sacrificing your social life!

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Don’t Become a Food Hermit

You are choosing a healthy lifestyle that is walking the fringe of society — implementing consistent and healthy choices now is the best in preventative health care that most ignore because they can’t connect to their futures or love to frolic in instant gratification. This often leaves you the odd person out when it comes to socializing because a majority of it revolves around food.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way — you don’t have to become a food hermit!

With a couple of pivots and adaptations, you too can remain social this holiday season and share in the cheer and merriment!

Do These 4 Things To Survive Holiday Parties (That Evolve Around Food)

Know (the menu) before you go out.

This is one of the best ways to stay on track with your food choices — establish a restaurant beforehand and then comb the menu to see how you can adapt. Eating out doesn’t have to sabotage anything as long as you approach it with healthy habits and the optimal food choices.

It’s important to peruse the menu and review their offerings — if you are doing an elimination diet or have sensitivities or allergies, it is best to call the restaurant and ask about the ingredients they use in things like sauces and marinades. If the restaurant has few options, eat before you go out or even pack a snack you can eat there!

Once you’ve gathered all your information, you can be sure to have a fun night out and not worry about the food aspect of things.

Organize the holiday party.

Spending time with your co-workers and loved ones is an important part of the season — it helps build and strengthen relationships, so ditching out on a gathering because of your food issues is not an option! Instead of watching everyone gorge on spiked eggnog and sweet treats, plan and organize a couple of options to have the party that offers a variety of food choices for everyone. It is pretty easy for restaurants to make accommodations upon request from add-ons or side dishes — this takes the pressure off you and you are able to enjoy the people you are around! Plus, everyone will love you for organizing the event.

If the party is at a home, bring a dish that you can enjoy and share — or a couple.

Whip up your own cocktails.

The best drinks are always made with some syrup or sugary fruit juice, so it is hard to find an adult beverage without added sugar. Begin exploring and testing your own cocktails. Sparkling or soda water makes a great mixer, add in limes or pomegranates to flavor the drinks! Kombucha also make great mixers!

Suggest non-food related activities.

Believe or not, there are activities you can do where food isn’t the highlight! If celebrating with family, suggest a city holiday light tour or local holiday theater performance. If you are looking to kick back and relax, host a game night where people bring snacks or light sides to enjoy.

If you are planning with co-workers, suggest karaoke, ice skating, or bowling. These are fun activities that are engaging but revolve around food.

Choosing to eat differently doesn’t have to be isolating. Keep your holiday social life intact by reviewing the menu and asking food questions beforehand, organizing the holiday party, creating your own signature cocktails, and suggesting activities that don’t center around food.

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14th Nov 2018

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