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The trick to planning the perfect party is thinking of every small detail. That includes napkins and other paper party supplies. Luckily, The Online Drugstore has a huge collection of party supplies at affordable prices, which will make planning your party easy and budget-friendly.

This page features napkins, napkins of many different colors.

Any style of party you may be having will need napkins, and the right color of napkin is what makes guest realize you put thought into every little detail. It would be easy to go to the store and buy white napkins (which you can definitely get online here), but why buy plain white when you can buy a colorful napkin for the same price?

Our napkin collection features more than 20 different colors, with favorites such as Glittering Gold, School Bus Yellow, and Shimmering SIlver. We also have the good ol’, go-to colors like blue, yellow, magenta, burgundy, white, purple, light blue, light purple, pink, dark green, red, and brown.

All of our napkins are sold by the package, and each package has 50 napkins each. Buy either dinner napkins or beverage napkins. The beverage napkins are less than $2 per package, and the dinner napkins are less than $4 per package. You really can’t go wrong with so many different napkin choices to make your party decor complete.

Shop at The Online Drugstore for all of your necessary party supplies and decorations. When you spend $49 or more throughout the whole store, you qualify for free shipping. It’s our way of saying “thank you” to our loyal customers. It’s important to know that we ship our items quickly, so you can get what you need at fast speeds. Even procrastinators can effectively plan a party with the help of The Online Drugstore. Start with napkins. Shop now.