More About Hobbies

Hobbies are something entertaining we like to do over and over again. We fine tune our skills to make it into a craft. Sometimes hobbies are collections, sometimes they’re something to do. Here at The Online Drugstore we specialize in three different hobby supplies: cap rockets, U.S. quarters, and model cars.

Cap rockets are one of the classic toys that has made it through the new generations of kids who tend to prefer using technology over playing outside. However, these sonic-sounding rockets are too fun to walk away from. We sell cap refills for the diecast rocket. Launch your rocket 48 times with each refill and enjoy the sonic sound every time it lands.

Our next hobby we like to support is the U.S. State Quarter collection. We have a variety of books and guides that help organize the Statehood quarters. In 1998 each state started releasing specific quarters that featured a design unique to their state. Over the next nine years, Americans could collect the different quarters as each state released theirs. This is quite the challenge! Any quarter enthusiast would appreciate one of these folders, books, or guides to supplement their collection.

Our final collection of hobby supplies at The Online Drugstore is model cars. Here builders can find affordable kits for classic cars. Check out the ‘55 Ford F-100 street rod, the ‘63 Corvette convertible or the ‘69 Camaro Z/28. These kits range from level one to level two, which makes them a great starter kit for folks interested in a new way to support their love of cars.

The Online Drugstore is the Top Rated National® Drugstore. We strive to stock up on the hobby supplies you need to fulfill your passion. Those who spend $49 throughout the whole store can enjoy free shipping on us. Shop now for these supplies at affordable prices.