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Dark and Light Foundation

Cosmetic foundations are great products to use if you are trying to achieve a uniform color and complexion to your face or to cover minor flaws. Foundations are available in stick forms that are similar in appearance to roll-on deodorants, in liquid form or in liquid-solid compact foundation form. If you have a foundation in liquid-solid form, you will apply the foundation using your fingers. This method is good for blending in a sheer layer of makeup but not recommended for applying full cover makeup. When determining the best color of foundation for your skin, you should look for a color that disappears without blending. Obviously you will need to use an in-store sample to find your perfect color, but once you have determined the best color for your needs, you can order your light foundation or dark foundation from The Online Drugstore. If you have oily skin, you should look for foundations that are oil-free or classified as mattifying. If you have dry skin, you should seek out foundations that have hydrating or moisturizing formulas.