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Men's Antiperspirants And Deodorants

The Online Drugstore is pleased to offer a large selection of cheap deodorant and antiperspirants. Many people don’t realize that deodorant and antiperspirants are different. Deodorant is designed to cover or neutralize bad odors in the underarm area while antiperspirants include specialized ingredients that block sweat ducts and prevent perspiration from occurring.

Deodorant is useful for those that sweat minimally or not at all. Antiperspirants are more useful for those that are heavier sweaters and encounter stronger underarm odors. Body odor is caused by bacteria that grows in warm, dark and moist environments like that of the underarm. By preventing the body from sweating, bacteria is starved of moisture that it needs to grow. A lack of bacteria means a lack of underarm odor. Combination antiperspirant deodorants are also available.

The Online Drugstore offers a selection of the best men's deodorants and antiperspirants. We have a collection for women too! Men’s antiperspirants tend to have a higher level of active ingredients than women’s antiperspirants. Deodorants vary in scent and come in a variety of forms including solids, semi-solids, roll-on and more. Ordering men's hygiene products from The Online Drugstore is easy and selections are shipped right to your door to save you the trip to the pharmacy.