More About Color

One of the most visible features in makeup for women is lipstick. When you walk into a room wearing a vibrant color of lipstick, you will be noticed immediately. Stock your makeup case with lip care products from The Online Drugstore. Popular brands including CoverGirl and Wet N Wild are available in a large assortment of colors. The many choices available in lipstick colors can lead to confusion about what color to use. You should keep your skin tone in mind when you buy lipstick. What looks good online or in the store may not look good on you because of a poor skin tone match. The key to choosing lipstick by skin tone is to identify your undertone. Skin undertones are either yellow or pink, and you can figure out your undertone by looking at the veins in your wrist. If your veins appear blue, your undertone is pink. If your veins look more green, your undertone is yellow. Those with neutral skin tones will have veins that appear to be blue and green. When determining lipstick shades, women with yellow undertones should user warmer colors while those with pink undertones should use lipsticks with shades of blue or purple tones. If you have olive skin, this is considered a neutral tone, and most lipstick colors will work for you. Women with fair skin tones can successfully wear lipsticks in deep colors and bright reds, while women with darker skin tones should use lipsticks in darker colors such as berry or plum. The good news is you can find all of these lipsticks online! Shop now.