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​Where The Dirt and Germs Lurk: Be Clean To Stay Healthy This Season

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There are so many ways to survive the cold and flu season — from your daily dose of vitamin C and zinc to avoiding sugar and alcohol. Have you ever stopped and wondered about the places in your home that could contribute to these seasonal illnesses?

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Could These Areas Be Making You Sick?

There are some places in your home that attract dirt and grime, and really, they just need a little extra cleaning TLC to look nice, but there are areas that if ignored could end up making us sick.

Your front door.

This is the area that you frequent the most and pull in the dregs of the outside world, and if you don’t remove your shoes, you inadvertently track germs into your home. Just think about it: the movie theater floors. How many people frequent that place, and how many people are coughing and sneezing just a few rows away? Or how about the gas station? Germs move in and you pick them up when you enter. Both of these places are an easy way to pick up germs and then spread them into your home.

Knock down the spread of illness by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors with a disinfectant. It is also important to clean the door knobs and remove your shoes to prevent tracking in any unwanted bacteria.

Your bathroom.

Bacteria and germs can spread easily in the bathroom, and if it is not being cleaned regularly, can make others sick. Not only do you risk exposure of fecal matter that can make people sick, but if those who are already sick use the bathroom, these germs can easily spread from the toilet seat, sinks, and counters making others ill. If you know someone is sick, be diligent and clean the bathroom regularly. Shop Bathroom Cleaners.

The Kitchen.

The kitchen is the space where you prepare food for both yourself and for others, so it is quite easy to spread germs or contaminate food. It is wise to either not prepare food while you are sick or be extremely careful and take measure to not spread your germs.

To prevent food borne illness, make sure meat is cooked to temperature and you take proper sanitary measures.

Your living room.

Similar to the front door and entryway of your home, your living room catches a lot of germs because we spend a good deal of time in it. The living room is generally the first place we take guests and where we hang out as a family. There are so many places for germs to lurk including remotes, light and lamp switches, books, and the general seating area. To prevent illness, disinfect as much as you can as often as you can!

Better combat the cold and flu season by keeping your home free from germs and bacteria that cause illness. Focus on disinfecting your front entryway, your bathrooms, the kitchen, and your main living area.

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