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Moisturizing Lip Balms & Treatments

Chapped or dry lips are not only uncomfortable, they can hurt. Although the natural instinct is to lick your lips when they are dry or chapped, this can actually do more harm than good because your skin/lips will become more dehydrated as the saliva evaporates. A better course of action to soothe chapped or dry lips is to treat your lips with moisturizer. The Online Drugstore has many varieties of lip balms for men and women available including Blistex, Carmex and ChapStick. These lip balms are available in assorted flavors and some have added features such as being medicated or containing sunscreen. Moisturizing lip balms are great because they provide a layer of protection between your lips and the weather. Balms seal moisture on your lips and have the added benefit of sealing cracks and splits on your lips from irritation or infection. Lip balms are generally inexpensive, and they are definitely worth the investment when the alternative of chapped, cracked and dry lips is considered.