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When it comes time to preserve your table, there’s nothing easier than using disposable paper placemats. Placemats can be used for events, parties, or just around the house everyday. The Online Drugstore is a Top Rated National® Drugstore that sells affordable and colorful paper placemats.

The edges of the placemats are scalloped, to make them look nicer than if you were to just use construction paper or something of the sort.

Each placemat is 9.5 inches wide by 14 inches long. They are sold in packages of 50 for less than $7 — except for the gold lace placemat, which is sold individually. The placemats come in white, silver, purple, pink, light blue, navy blue, orange, gold, and black solid colors. We also can take it up a notch and use a gold lace placemat. You could even pair the gold lace on top of a solid color to help take your place settings to the next level.

The paper placemat is useful during birthday celebrations or other types of parties. With 10 different colors of placemats, you can easily plan to match the placemat with the rest of the party decor. The placemat is useful for containing messes, not only for decorating the table.

If you have young children who adore crafts, then paper placemats should be a staple in your house. Say goodbye to wiping finger paint and glue off your table when you can quickly clear a paper placemat after the craft is completed. Another reason placemats are handy with children is that many youngin’s haven’t quite figured out how to keep their food on the plate during mealtimes. When you’re trying to get everyone out of the house so you can get to work on time, it’s helpful to have a quick clean up placemat that swiftly goes in the garbage.

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