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Scar Therapy

Even low-profile cuts and scrapes can cause permanent scarring. Use our affordable scar therapy products to reduce the appearance of scarring anywhere on your body. The Online Drugstore offers all-natural therapies to smooth these permanent blemishes on your skin's surface. Scars can result from acne, surgery, burns and injury. Choose from liquids, creams and styptic pencils for scar repair treatment.

Our scar therapies are a great choice for post-surgical use. For a totally natural approach, try Fruit of the Earth and Bio-Oil. Rub these all-natural oils into your scar tissue for long-term softening. Mederma gel contains Cepalin botanical extract to soften your scar tissue. Mederma for Kids is non-toxic and won't stain your children's clothing. Scar Zone is a diminishing healing cream that offers SPF 15 protection. Apply this Green Tea-filled lotion to chapped or cracked patches of skin to see a noticeable change in just weeks. Scar Zone also offers bruise cream to speed up healing and eliminate these unsightly black and blues.