Get Your Dog Ready For Spring With These Must-Have Buys

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As you prepare for the beautiful and warm days ahead, make sure you don’t forget to throw a few items in your shopping cart for the dogs. Check out the following must-have spring buys from our drugstore online for your furry friend.

#1: A New Retractable Leash

As the weather begins to warm up again, it is time to take your furry friend on long walks. Whether you and your dog are early morning walkers or you prefer a post-dinner stroll, having the right leash is a must.

If your leash from last summer is looking a little less than new, it might be time to invest in an upgraded leash. A retractable leash makes it easier for you to allow your pooch a little more freedom on your next walk while also ensuring you can keep them close when the time calls for it. The comfortable plastic handle also makes it easy for you to have a strong grip on the leash, which can help you keep your dog under better control.

You can find our retractable leash for sale here.

#2: Pet Waste Bags

A new leash can make your spring walks a true pleasure. However, as any dog owner knows, once you take your dog on more walks, you will be facing a lot more poop pickups. Don’t be left standing awkwardly in someone’s yard as they watch your dog ruin their perfectly manicured lawn.

A package of pet waste bags will help save the day. Simply attach to your dog's leash and you will be ready for any stops along the way. The easy dispenser makes it simple to grab a bag quickly without fumbling through your backpack or purse. With 30 bags, you’ll be ready for numerous spring walks ahead.

Find our pet dispenser set here.

#3: A Yard Tie-Out

Warm days mean spending some time lounging in your front or back yard. If you don’t have a fenced in space, it isn’t always easy to let your furry pal enjoy the sunshine with you. The good news is that with a yard tie-out, you can bring along your dog while keeping them safe and secure.

Utilize a tie-out for times you will be in the yard alongside your dog. With a long cable, your dog can enjoy sniffing the yard without getting into any trouble. You can relax with a good book or drink in hand and not worry about holding onto a leash the whole time.

Purchase a yard tie-out for your furry friend here.

#4: A Tough New Ball

With beautiful spring days arriving, it is time to play outside with your pup. If your dog is a fan of playing fetch, then it is time to purchase your furry pal a new toy. While many balls become a slobbery mess and are hard for you to grab ahold of, Ez Catch Basketball is a different story. This amazing and tough ball is designed with a handle that is easy for you to grab as well as easy for your dog to sink his teeth into.

Spend a day in the park or your backyard with this fun and durable basketball styled toy. Your four-legged friend is sure to go wild when you toss them this rubbery ball.

Find our Ez Catch Basketball here.

#5: Flea & Tick Shampoo

While warm weather does bring a lot of positive things for your dog, such as long walks and more time at the park, it also brings a higher risk of some less than fun realities. Fleas and ticks are not much of a concern during the cold winter months, but once the spring arrives and overnight freezing becomes a thing of the past, it is time to make sure your dogs are free from these itchy pests.

Flea and tick dog shampoo is a great way to keep your furry pal clean and free of pests. After a trip to the dog park or a walk through the woods, you can simply wash down your dog with a bit of this shampoo and get rid of any lingering pests.

Find our flea and tick shampoo here and keep your dog pest free.

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21st Mar 2019

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