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Ear Care

The nooks and crannies of your ears need special and gentle care. Every bathroom needs cotton swabs to keep your ears clean and wax-free. Buildup can cause pain and difficulty hearing, in addition to leaving an unhygienic appearance. Wax can build up over time until it is difficult to remove. Ear wax removal drops are designed to gently loosen and free earwax from deep within your ear canal. Our selection of ear care items includes comfortable ear plugs that adapt to your unique ear shape and size. We even have pink ear plugs for our feminine users. Ear plugs are a great choice to help you sleep through the night. If you or your child has suffered through swimmer’s ear, use ear plugs to stay moisture-free. Auro-Dri drops also reduce the chance of swimmer’s ear if applied after you exit the water. Try our unique ring relief caplets if you experience buzzing, ringing and discomfort in your ears. Use your 5 percent back customer reward credit and flat-rate shipping to save on every purchase.