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Fragrances For Women

Women have many choices when it comes to perfume and cologne, and all of the department store favorites are now available in our women's perfume online collection. After sampling various perfumes at your local department store, you can purchase your preferred brand at The Online Drugstore. Our fragrances include popular items such as Charlie, Jovan Musk and perfumes by Gloria Vanderbilt and Faith Hill. One of our more popular collections is the fragrances in the Alyssa Ashley collection. All of our perfumes are available at prices that are far below retail, and our shipping is very fast. In addition to a variety of perfumes, our inventory includes perfume body sprays and dusting powders in nice fragrances. 


Wearing perfume provides many benefits for women. In addition to smelling better, a recent study suggests that a nice perfume can also make women appear more facially attractive. Based on the study’s findings, the same woman will be rated as more physically attractive if she is wearing a pleasant smelling perfume than if she had no perfume. Now that you are considering the purchase of a perfume, you should know that tips are available to let women know how to wear their favorite fragrance. The general rule is that two to three sprays is ideal, though this depends on the strength of the fragrance; you do not want to wear an overpowering perfume. If you use the three spray rule, you should apply perfume to your wrists, behind your ears and behind your knees, according to the experts. As for storing your perfumes and colognes, the best option is a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The bathroom is not a good location because the moisture in the bathroom will shorten the life of your fragrances. Whatever fragrance you choose from The Online Drugstore, you can be assured that you are getting a quality product that everyone will enjoy.