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Training a puppy can seem like a full time job. Just when you think you may have gotten the hang of things, Fido will surprise you with a new mess inside the house. That’s not fun. If you’re an owner who doesn’t have the luxury of staying home all day, every day with your r new pup, you may want to consider this training tool for your puppy’s shelter while you’re gone.

The training pads are a way to help your pup relieve himself when he can’t go outside. You can train him to use this special pad so he doesn’t go anywhere he pleases around the house or in his kennel. Many owners use training pads because they’re easy to clean up and help control the odor.

We sell training pads in different quantity amounts. The smaller packages may be best for owners who are training their puppy to hold their bladder but need a solution in the meantime while the pup is still growing. Other owners may want to buy these pads in bulk because their dog may never quite grasp how to hold his bladder all day.

Sometimes puppy training pads aren’t for puppies at all. Elder dogs may need the same training as they may suffer from incontinence that comes with age. Again, these training pads give dogs a specific place to do their business.

The Online Drugstore has a small collection of training pads at affordable prices. These pet training supplies are a great way for dogs to transition from making a mess anywhere to a specific place in the house. Everyone is happier this way! The team at The Online Drugstore knows it’s important to keep these in stock, so we offer fast shipping to get them to you as soon as possible. Shop around the store to get the most bang for your buck. All orders $49 or more get free shipping. Shop now.