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The best kitchen towels clean up every mess, dry hands after a quick wash, and help add just a touch of decor to the room. Classic towels are made with high-quality materials and feature fun patterns, which is exactly what you’ll find at The Online Drugstore.

Here, our towels are very affordable, which makes them a great choice for people just starting to build their own home. The truth is everyone could use a new kitchen towel, whether you’re a recent high school graduate off to college, a newlywed couple who want a fresh start with a quaint home decor style, or are independent and love living on your own. Plus, if you’re not a fan of doing laundry frequently, you’ll want a small stockpile of towels ready to go as soon as the current one in use gets dirty.

All of our towels are sold individually, so you can mix and match your styles as you buy multiple towels, or buy just one if you need to.

Keep things simple with the Herb Thyme or Cock A Doodle Doo patterns. These are classic designs for a kitchen. You can gift the Cupcake towel to your favorite baker to remind them about their sweetness you admire. Or, finally, you can decorate with a Home Sweet Home or Gourmet Coffee towel to make your kitchen feel like one of the most comfortable rooms in the home.

If you have a lot of family and friends currently buying new homes or venturing out on their own, you can stock up on a few towels to have as your go-to housewarming gift. When you spend $49 or more at The Online Drugstore (which is just about 10 towels), you get free shipping. This isn’t limited to towels alone, so mix and match your purchases to work your way to free shipping.

Shop now for kitchen towels to make your home cleaner and cozier.