procheck.jpgWhen it comes to identifying fevers, you need a reliable thermometer. The Online Drugstore has a fabulous selection of thermometers that includes traditional, digital, ear, and temple thermometers.

Moms know that having a dependable thermometer that gives a fast reading is important when you have little ones. We have several digital thermometers that are perfect for babies and young children.

When illness enters the house, it takes a lot of care to keep it from spreading from person to person. That process starts with the thermometer. Using a probe cover on the thermometer helps to prevent the passing of germs.

Do you wash a thermometer, or should you simply wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol? A dishwasher safe thermometer takes the worry out of germ spreading.

If you have children, having a working thermometer in the house is a must. When kids head off to college, it’s important to pack one in their first aid kit - we're sure they'd love the digital ear thermometer. And yes, adults should have one in the house too before cold and flu season hits.

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  • Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24 - Each

    Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24 - Each


    Vicks Digital Thermometer V901F-24 - EachThis digital thermometer makes temperature taking easier. The large display is easy to read and the water resistant design allows for simple, more thorough cleaning. Fever Signal provides you a quick and easy way...
  • Flents Fever Reader - Pack of 6

    Flents Fever Reader - Pack of 6


    Flents Fever Reader - Pack of 6This forehead thermometer is the quick and easy way to detect a fever. Simply place the strip on your child's forehead and hold in place for about a minute. The highest temperature window color that lights up indicates body...