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Table Covers

Are you getting ready to host everyone for a holiday or event? Maybe you just like to keep your home looking classy and clean. Tablecloths are a simple way to spruce up a table for an elegant event or look.

The Online Drugstore has simple and classic table covers for sale for affordable prices.

Spoiler: You can get a clear vinyl tablecloth protector, 54 inches by 72 inches, for only $5.35. What a deal!

Clear Table Covers

The clear tablecloth protector is great for families who have kiddos that are known to make quite the mess. Especially if you have nice furniture, a clear table cover can be a solution that protects the surface while you still get to enjoy the look of the nice table. Plus, when you take off the vinyl protector, the table is just like new.

Our clear vinyl covers come in a variety of sizes, including 54 inches by 72 inches, 60 inches by 108 inches, 70-inch round, and 60 inches by 90 inches.

Decorative Table Covers

You may want a decorative cover for something a little more fun than a clear protector. We have traditional white flannel back pads and vinyl lace tablecloths that make a perfect combination for an elegant decor. The table pads come in 70-inch rounds or in a 52-inch by 70-inch rectangle. You can purchase a lace cover in 52 inches by 70 inches, 60 inches by 90 inches, or 72-inch rounds.

Finally, you can top off the table with a beautiful center piece. A table runner scarf is available at The Online Drugstore so you can really set your table to look beautiful without paying a fortune. This table runner is just a little more than $7.00.

Shop at The Online Drugstore for everything you need to decorate and protect your table.