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Supplements for Diabetics

The supplements in this diverse collection of online supplements from are formulated to promote healthy metabolic function. Each product is available for a competitive price compared to traditional pharmacies. Products can be ordered from the convenience of the home and delivered directly to the door.

Lipoic acid capsules support nerve health with powerful antioxidant properties that reduce free radical damage. Multi-vitamin capsules are time-released to provide energy throughout the day, promote cardiovascular health and a healthy immune system. Cinnamon water extract is all-natural and supports healthy blood pressure and sugar metabolism. Sugar-free Citrucel helps relieve constipation by restoring regularity. Fenugreek is a supplement to lower blood sugar, which helps maintain a healthy balance of sugar in the blood.

A specialized multivitamin/mineral supplement designed for people who have diabetes has been shown to be the best multivitamin for diabetic adults with the disease and people who are predisposed to it. The multivitamin promotes healthy blood sugar levels, improved weight management, eye and cardiovascular health and nerve function.