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Sugar Substitutes for Diabetics

Anyone seeking an alternative to traditional sugar in their food and drink will appreciate these sugar sweeteners for diabetics, which are sweet but don’t elevate blood sugar levels. Sugar replacements like Splenda and Sweet n’ Low are great for baking and for use in beverages like coffee and tea. Sprinkle on fresh fruit and cereal for a sweet breakfast, without the added calories that traditional sugar brings.

These products are great for use by diabetics or anyone who is watching their sugar intake as part of a diet routine. Sweet n’ Low can be used in baking, although it’s advised that the traditional sugar used in any recipe should be halved with a sugar substitute. The difference in taste is barely noticeable since both Sweet n’ Low and Splenda are specially formulated to offer a sweet alternative to traditional sugar.

The price for sugar substitutes from is extremely competitive and often less than traditional pharmacies, and has the added convenience of being delivered directly to the front door.