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Household & Kitchen Storage items

Storing food, trash, office items and loose papers--pretty much household item you need to stash away--has never been easier than it is now with the assortment of storage products available at The Online Drugstore. Once you open up that salty snack, you can reseal it with handy bag clips. Basic utility storage baskets are great for that pile of either clean or dirty laundry that you will eventually sort, or wash. Your kids will appreciate the easy to seal cereal keeper container for their precious Cheerios. Organize your knives, forks and spoons with a cutlery tray organizer. Pack a lunch with the Essentials Standard Lunch Kit. And when lunch or dinner is finished, pack up the remains of the day and toss them in the trash with Glad Quick-Tie Kitchen Garbage Bags. Glad also comes to the rescue for your yard work with Glad Quick-Tie Large Lawn & Garden Garbage Bags. Inside or out, at home or at school or the office, if it is something that necessitates putting away, The Online Drugstore can help you do it with its inventory of storage products. Order from our selection of household and kitchen storage items today!