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Over the Counter (OTC) Stimulant Products

When you have trouble staying awake or staying focused, stimulants can provide the boost of energy you need to get the job done. Whether you're studying for an exam or going on a long drive, stimulant supplements are the fast and convenient way to stay alert and ready to go.

Stimulants are small caffeine capsules or tablets that you can take anywhere at any time. They act as energy boosters, delivering safe and effective results every time. The pills are available over the counter and contain caffeine as an active ingredient. Caffeine is the same component in coffee, soda and other beverages that makes people feel awake and energized.

Caffeine-based stimulants are great for people trying to lose weight. The energy boosters are ideal for long workouts or runs after school or work when energy may be at a low. The pills are easy to take and their compact size makes them perfect for travel or bringing to the gym. Unlike steroids or diet pills, stimulant supplements are safe and are not addictive.

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