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Special Vitamins

Many people find that it’s necessary to take special vitamins. Deficiencies in any number of essential nutrients can pose serious health risks.

What Types of Special Vitamin Supplements Should You Take?

For most people, diet alone doesn’t provide enough of the essential nutrients our bodies need to function properly.

Our busy lifestyles often prevent us from taking in all the vitamins we need, and because every person has unique needs, it’s essential that you evaluate your diet to determine what nutrients you may be missing. If you’re experiencing symptoms of a vitamin deficiency, you may need to take special vitamin supplements.

Talk to Your Doctor Before You Take Special Vitamin Supplements

You should always consult with your doctor before you begin taking special vitamin supplements, because he or she may have specific recommendations for your needs. Your physician can perform blood, urine and other tests to find out which vitamins you’re deficient in, and he or she can tell you whether special vitamin supplements will interfere with drugs or other supplements you’re already taking.