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Diabetic Skin and Foot Care Products

Moisturize and exfoliate the feet with this collection of hydrating lotion that is formulated to soften rough parts of the body, including the heels of the feet. The diabetes skin care products offered by deliver deep moisturizing properties that encourage natural skin cell renewal.

Many lotions in this collection deliver healing properties without leaving a greasy residue behind. Products that contain Vitamin E and aloe rest lightly on the skin until they are absorbed, and leave a light, pleasant scent.

Special itch lotion is available that contains a unique formula designed to help anyone who has swollen skin associated with diabetes. Combat symptoms of the disease by combining itch lotion with compression support socks featured in this collection. The socks provide mild compression on tired or sore legs and help prevent venous disorders.

Our foot cream for diabetics is enriched with pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E and arginine has exfoliating properties that are ideal for healing dry and cracked feet. Gold Bond friction defense powder guards against uncomfortable itching and temporarily relieves discomfort. There are multiple high-quality products that help relieve symptoms right from the start.