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Scarf for Embroidery and Decoration

What were your favorite items in your mother or grandmother's home? Chances are, those items were there for decades. Generations before us invested in quality keepsakes that they kept around for years, sometimes their entire lives, passing them down to the next generation. Even simple things like table scarves were something to be treasured!

Want to bring a unique, beautiful, and romantic touch to your home? Consider adding a table scarf to the room. Table scarves are perfect for keeping dust off of your furniture, giving you a place to set your drinks without marring the wood, and adding a sweet, homey touch to your decor. This scarf is ideal for an embroidery project, too; simply pick up the corresponding floss colors and stitch along to the pattern. Or, if you want to create a cohesive look to your decor, pair the table scarf with the coordinating quilt blocks and pillowcases!

Add this sweet table scarf to your online shopping basket and bring a touch of old-fashioned charm to your home. This could be a beautiful item that your own family comes to treasure!