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Craft Twine and Rope

The uses for a ball of craft twine are endless and it always seems to be needed when there isn’t any to be found. The Online Drugstore has a varied selection of twine to keep on hand for those unexpected moments.

Everyone is going green these days and newspaper and cardboard needs to be tied up. Multi-purpose twine is ideal for getting the recycling ready for pickup or to make for easier drop-off at the nearest collection site in town.

Light load garden twine will always come in handy in vegetable gardens or for nursing new seedlings and trees along. Thanks to the low prices at The Online Drugstore, you can keep the garage stocked with twine.

Sending out holiday or care packages? Don’t buy the overpriced twine at the post office. Pick up a ball of parcel post twine.

The Online Drugstore is your one-stop-shop for all your necessary household items just like the old five and dime when you were a kid. Place an order for your craft twine today!