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Recipe Cards

Are you known to whip up new treats or meals in the kitchen? Do you have a knack for perfectly pairing flavors into a tasty dish? If you notice that your friends are always begging you for the recipe for the food you bring to potluck parties, then you could benefit from decorative recipe cards.

At The Online Drugstore, we sell affordable packs of recipe cards so you can always share the secret ingredients with your loved ones.

We have many different styles of recipe cards in stock. Choose classy decorations, such as old orchard apples or chateau roosters, or make it fun with retro aprons.


Make your own recipe cards with the large packages. A few of our styles come in packs of 36 recipe cards or more. We have 4-inch by 6-inch cards and 8-inch by 9-inch cards, so you can use the size of card that will fit best in your recipe box.


If you’re part of a family or a group of friends that loves to cook and to share recipes, then you should always have recipe cards on hand. Every time you hand out a new dish or deliver your favorite dessert, do the recipient a favor and include the recipe.

One of our favorite traditions for wedding showers is to share favorite recipes with the soon-to-be newlyweds so they can start their marriage on a delicious foot.


After a while of sharing recipe cards back and forth, it’s going to be essential to keep track of your favorite recipes. In addition to the cards, we sell recipe binder refill sheets. The pack comes with 10 sheets; each sheet holds four, 4-inch by 6-inch cards.

Shop at The Online Drugstore for decorative recipe cards and organizational binder refill sheets so you can share and organize your favorite recipes without the hassle or mess.