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Probiotics and Acidophilus

Small organisms that help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines, probiotics have become increasingly accepted and popular to promote better digestive health, to prevent infections in the digestive tract and to prevent gas and cramping. The Online Drugstore has a large selection of probiotics and acidophilus supplements designed to maintain healthy intestinal flora. These digestive supplements come from top brand names like Align, 21st Century, Bacid, BD Lactinex, BioGaia ProTectis, Culturelle, Floranex, Florastor, Nature's Blend, Nature's Bounty and more. Many of these probiotic supplements contain the same live cultures that are found in yogurt and are formulated to balance the good and "bad" bacteria that are found in the body. In addition to their reputation for supporting better digestion, probiotics can also be taken in conjunction with antibiotics, since antibiotics also kill beneficial bacteria in addition to the bacteria that causes illness.