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Home Pregnancy Tests & Ovulation Predictors

For clear and reliable pregnancy and ovulation detection, shop's selection of pregnancy and ovulation tests. Our high-quality home pregnancy test kits and ovulation predictors will help you get the fast and accurate results you need, and they are some of the most reliable pregnancy tests available. We carry all of the high-quality name brands you love including EPT, First Response, Accu-Clear and Answer.

Ovulation predictors detect your most fertile time. They are great for couples trying to conceive as they help pinpoint the time when conception is most likely to occur. Ovulation predictors work by detecting luteinizing hormone as it rises and peaks during ovulation. The tests use a clear two-line system that's easy to read and interpret.

Like ovulation tests, pregnancy tests detect hormones in urine. Pregnancy tests look for a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin - or HCG for short. If present, the hormone binds to and reacts with the test stick, showing up as a line. Early pregnancy tests can detect very low levels of HCG, giving an accurate result early on. In addition to simple line tests, we also carry digital home pregnancy tests that interpret the results and read either pregnant or not pregnant as appropriate.

Shop for the best selection of high-quality ovulation detection kits and home pregnancy tests. Our unbeatable selection of products will help you get the fast and accurate results you need.