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Whether you like to use placemats as an extension of your home decor or you have messy children who need an extra layer of protection during meals, placemats are a versatile item to have on hand. The
Online Drugstore sells placemats online at quite affordable prices (as cheap as $3.08 each).

Quaint Styles

Placemats are fun ways to add to your home decor. We specialize in reversible placemats so you can always have the right look for each occasion. Choose from tropical botanical, fruit and wine, iris and berries, provence bistro, or roosters as a design. These decorative placemats help protect the table from food stains while helping each person feel more at-home during the meal.

The quaint-style placemats are 11 inches by 17 inches and are sold individually.


The Online Drugstore has educational placemats for sale, too. Learn national or international geography during your meal with the U.S. map and world map placemats. You can also help yourself and your family learn the Presidents of the United States with a placemat that features the first 44 presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama.

These educational mats are 12 inches by 18 inches and are sold individually.

Perfect Gifts

A placemat makes a great gift for any loved one. Whether you have a grandmother who collects anything with a rooster on it, a mother-in-law who loves wine and flowers, or a child who could use a little extra help studying the states and capitals, the reversible placemats are a fun and unique gift to give.

You can compare a few different placemats to learn the details about each product and look at them side-by-side. If one is out of stock, send us a form online and we’ll alert you when the item is back on the shelves.

Shop below to find the right placemat for you.