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Pet Toys

Dogs and cats love to play! The fun ones do, at least. There is no better way to play with your pet than with toys. Whether it’s fetching the ball, chewing on a toy, chasing a laser, or batting some yarn, pets know how to have fun. Our Top Rated National® Drugstore has affordable cat and dog toys online. We want to make it easy for you to have a full supply of toys for your favorite furry friends.

The dog toys in our store give Fido a reason to exert some energy. We have Fetch N Go balls for him to fetch that are like a tough and durable version of his favorite tennis ball. It is extremely bouncy for an extra layer of fun. We also have a great selection of chew toys to give your pup an alternative to your favorite shoes or the couch. Owners can have fun with their dogs while the pups chew on these squeaky toys or ropes.

Cats like to have fun, too. The Online Drugstore has small play balls with a bell and stuffed mouse toys that cats love to chase. The mice have catnip, which makes them a great reward for every kitty. The cats in our lives are some of the most entertaining family members when they are in a playful mood.

Stock up on the pet toys for your furry pals. Shop at The Online Drugstore for affordable toys and fast shipping. You won’t have to worry about your pets destroying their toys faster than you can give them when you start your collection now. These prices can’t be beat! Plus, when you order more than $49 worth of goods throughout the whole store, we’ll ship your items for free. Win-win! Shop at the Top Rated National® Drugstore now.