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Pet Cleaning

Does your pup need a good bath? Then you need pet cleaning products from the Top Rated National® Drugstore, The Online Drugstore. Our store has a small collection of products that help keep your doggo clean and free from pests.

We have Skip-Flea Shampoo, which is a flea and tick removal shampoo for dogs. It is safe for adult dogs and puppies because fleas and ticks don’t care how old they dog is when they infest. Sergeant’s is a trusted shampoo brand that is known to kill fleas and ticks for up to 16 days. This is essential during the hot summer months when these bugs are out and about. Keep your pup safe, healthy, clean, and comfortable with a regular bath using this shampoo.

Also in our pet cleaning collection is a Flea-Free home and carpet spray. It kills fleas and ticks that are alive, but it also eliminates any flea larvae that may be hiding in your carpet fibers. Spray it generously around the home and into the carpet to get rid of those pests and the odor they leave behind. The dual action makes sure the fleas and odor are under control. It protects your home for up to 210 days! That’s a great product for an affordable price — less than $15.

The Online Drugstore strives to have the products you need to help keep your pet and your home clean and free from pests. Our team works quickly to make sure you get these products as soon as possible. Fleas can be very uncomfortable for your pet, so we don’t want you to have to wait weeks for your products to arrive. Order them now and get them on your doorstep in just a few days. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $49. Shop throughout the entire store and save. Our prices are already more affordable than the competition, so the free shipping just adds to the savings!

Take care of your pup today. Shop now.