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Iron-On Fabric Patches

If you miss the five and dime stores of your childhood, then you are really going to love the selection of products at The Online Drugstore. It is reminiscent of days gone by because you can still find items that have stood the test of time.

The Online Drugstore even has a selection of iron-on fabric patches. These still come in handy for work clothes, sport uniforms and of course kids play clothes. Why throw a pair of pants out in the trash just because of a worn out knee? Don’t throw out your favorite gardening pants, put a patch on it.

These iron-on fabric patches are easy and simple to use. The Online Drugstore offers a great selection of clothing patches that will help old and gently used clothing find new life. Thrift and secondhand stores will love the affordability of the patches because they can be used to give donations that seem destined for the garbage a new life.

Trust The Online Drugstore for all sorts of useful and time-honored products that never go out of style.