More About Pads

So much is digital these days. You probably downloaded the last movie you watched instead of picking up a DVD at the store. It’s likely the most of the music that you own came to you as a digital file and not on an album at the store. And most of the important documents you get today arrive via email instead of in the mailbox. But there are some things that are still better outside of the digital realm, and notepads might be one of them.

There is something that’s special about putting a pen or pencil to a piece of paper and writing. It might be even more special now that we do it less often! But whether you are sending a note to a friend, jotting down your next big idea, or just writing down an important number that you need to remember, writing on a notepad is often faster, more convenient, and more satisfying than typing something into your device. There is a reason notepad stationery is still a big seller, and it’s because people know it’s still the best way to take a quick note.

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