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Nicorette Nicotine Lozenges

Get the help you need to finally give up smoking with lozenges with nicotine from Nicotine lozenges are a unique nicotine delivery system that can be taken whenever you feel a craving coming on. They are ideal for people who don't enjoy chewing gum, but want more control over their smoking cessation aid than is possible with a patch. Stop smoking lozenges are easy to use and can be taken with you wherever you go so you'll always have one handy when a craving hits.

Our lozenges with nicotine are available in several delicious flavors including cherry and mint. The flavored lozenges not only taste great, they also deliver low doses of nicotine to help calm cravings that can derail your efforts to quit smoking. The stop smoking aids are available from trusted brand names such as Nicorette and Sunmark. Nicorette lozenges are the most popular brand on the market and the manufacturer produces both 2mg and 4mg products to meet your individual needs.

Nicotine lozenges are small and discreet. Only you will know that you're enjoying a nicotine lozenge instead of a regular hard candy or breath mint. Our generously sized packages range from 72 pieces to 108 pieces, so you can choose the quantity that's convenient for you.

Quitting smoking is hard, but with a little help from a high-quality stop smoking products, you can finally live the cigarette-free life you've always wanted. Commit to quitting and live the healthier life you've always wanted.