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Hair Mousse For Men & Women

The Online Drugstore has a large variety of hair care products available including mousse from brands including Aussie, Pantene and TRESemme. Mousse is used to give hair extra volume and shine, and these products can also provide conditioning and hold to hair. Men's hair mousse is a good alternative to using styling gels because mousse gives hair a softer look, particularly when the hair is combed out. Hair mousse for women and men can be used on short hair as well as long hair, and this product can be used to create curls. According to professional hair stylists, mousse should be applied to wet hair. The amount of mousse to use depends on your hair. Use less mousse if you have curly or frizzy hair and obviously more if you have straight hair. If the mousse is being used in conjunction with blow drying your hair, you will want to use a fair amount of product and work the mousse into your hair using a comb starting at the roots. Mousse can also be used on dry hair for touch ups, but in these cases, only a small amount is required. Too much mousse will result in stiff hair.