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Miscellaneous Fun Things For Kids

You want to keep your little one happy and healthy for as long as possible, and these essential items from our baby care shop are designed to do just that. Parent-oriented goods like baby nail clippers and an American Red Cross Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit comes with everything you need to keep all of baby’s most important healthcare tools on hand, giving you complete peace of mind throughout your little one’s formative years. This is a great idea if you're on the hunt for new parent gifts. An added bonus are the fun things made just for the kids, such as super cute bath toys and rattles in fun shapes and colors.

The American Red Cross Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit is a great place to start if you haven’t already stocked up on baby essentials, such as a nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, or medicine spoon and dropper. Each kit comes complete with all of these items, plus grooming tools such as a comb, brush, and scissors, all housed within a handy Red Cross travel bag to keep everything organized and protected. Additional baby care goods for mom and dad include handy diaper pins, nail clippers for babies, and even a cute child’s growth chart that helps new parents track the little one’s growth easily. An on-the-go baby changing kit is great for parents who want a sanitary place to change their little one’s diaper no matter where they travel.

Entertain your infant or toddler with our selection of awesome baby toys and other fun things for kids, including fish-shaped floating bath toys in a rainbow of bright colors and adorable baby rattles that feature either a bear, airplane or butterfly on the rattle portion. We also carry endlessly entertaining rattle link toys in fun shapes to give baby something to play with in the car seat, highchair, stroller or crib. Collect each link to create a chain of colorful characters that baby will love. Count on free shipping on orders over $49 to keep your baby budget in line when you shop at The Online Drugstore.