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Female Maxi Pads

The latest innovations in maxi pads make these once-bulky menstrual pads slim and discreet, with improved technologies to give you the most reliable protection and comfort. The Online Drugstore carries a great selection of high-end, thin maxi pads to improve the quality of your monthly period, from top women's brands like Stayfree, Always, and Kotex for much less than competitors' prices. With maxi pads for menstruation or varieties tailored specifically for teens or women who have just given birth, The Online Drugstore's maxi pad section is sure to have something for every woman's needs.

Reliable Kotex maxi pads are a popular choice in sanitary napkins, with a number of unique options for whatever your needs. Classic Kotex Maxi Pads in Medium Protection feature a dual layer design that provides extra protection right where you need it, reducing the risk of leaks and making you feel really confident all day long. Kotex Maxi Pads are designed to fit the unique curves of a woman's body, and their Flex-Grove channels offer secure protection. The Online Drugstore also carries popular Kotex products such as Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight Pads with Wings for protection while sleeping and secure hold, Kotex Overnight Maxi Pads for slow-flow nights, and Kotex Maxi Pads in Long Super Size to provide extra protection at the front and back of the underwear. Always is another great cotton menstrual pad brand, and The Online Drugstore's selections of Always products are available for super low prices. Always Infinity maxi pads are created of a revolutionary Infinicel material that is seamless and flexible, while still providing unmatched absorption and protection on any day of your period. Always Radiant Infinity Pads have a light, clean scent and absorb four times more than other maxi pads, with a unique construction to protect differently than other pads. The Online Drugstore also carries maxi pads created by Stayfree, with overnight construction and protective wings that offer maximum security and absorption.

For all of your menstrual needs, The Online Drugstore carries a reliable assortment of sanitary pads and feminine products at great low prices. From brands like Kotex, Always and Stayfree, these female pads offer both protection and comfort throughout your period.