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Long Lasting Lip Liner

If you wear lipstick, you should also have long lasting lip liners in your makeup case. Lip liners are great tools for filling uneven areas on the edges of your lips after applying lipstick. The combination of lipstick and lip liner use will give your lips a smooth, professionally-applied look to your lips. Lip liners are not magic tools, however, and if you apply lip liner incorrectly, your total makeup job will look rather cheap. The key to a successful lip liner application is to not have the liner be the dominant feature on your lips. Subtlety is the key. Before purchasing lip liners, you should remember that the liner should never be darker than the lipstick. If you have a favorite shade of lipstick, note its color and purchase liner that is lighter. Using liners in neutral and natural tones are a safe option. When applying lip liner, you should use one of the best soft-tipped lip pencils to create softly-defined lines. The CoverGirl and Revlon lip liners at The Online Drugstore come with soft-tipped pencils, so you are safe in that regard. You should never overdraw lip lines as the goal is to enhance your appearance. Again, natural is better. The many lip liners at The Online Drugstore give you a variety of choices; it is your job to use these choices correctly.