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Make your lips sparkle by applying lip gloss before you leave your house. Unlike lip balms and other lip care products, lip glosses are not used for medicinal purposes. Instead, lip glosses have one primary job: to make you look good. Similar to lip sticks, lip glosses come in a variety of types and flavors. Bonnie Bell is known for its flavorful lip glosses; in fact, the company introduced the first flavored lip gloss to the world back in 1973. Now, you can have lips that taste like Coca Cola, Skittles or a variety of other flavors. If you are woman who prefers some of the best lip gloss that does not have flavors but does have some color, consider using the CoverGirl line of lip glosses. These lip glosses allow you to add subtle coloring to your lips rather than using bold, vibrant colors that are found in lipsticks. Parents who want to introduce makeup to their young daughters can opt to use lip glosses rather than lipsticks because of the subtle coloring of the glosses -- and she'll still feel and look like a princess!